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This Italian Stallion sure lives up to the stereotype. Being a firefighter in New York City after the sensationalism surrounding firefighters became so prevalent makes women easy pickings, and Dante takes advantage of his God-hood. In fact, in their younger days, Griff and Dante occasionally dabbled with women together because why not?

Only, for some time now, Dante's big Italian hugs and gorgeous black eyes have had more of an effect on Griff than any woman ever had. And tactile as Dante is, it's becoming hard to hide the effect he has on his friend. But I really was blown away by the romance that was within these pages. Griff just broke my heart, over and over again.

He didn't just pine for his best friend. He longed for Dante. But the thought that Dante would ever reciprocate wasn't even a remote possibility in his mind.

So Griff tries to tentatively explore the feelings that he's only now admitting to himself Is he gay? But what if he's only attracted to that ONE person? The one person he could never admit these feelings to? Not only will he lose Dante, but the only family that he's ever known Muir, loving your Dante is not a bad thing. He certainly loves you Or I wish, for that matter.

Only he knows. You understand? Life is very rarely romantic. And for good reason. Because this idea includes Griff It's more than Griff ever dreamed he'd get from Dante, and yet he still has to hold back, because losing Dante for good would destroy him.

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Dante's openness with his sexuality and his "best buds will do anything for each other" mentality don't mean that Griff can reveal his feelings. They just mean that he'll get a fantasy come to life, and he plans on rolling with it!! Now, this story is loaded After all, men think about sex every four minutes, or something like that?! I'm a healthy American female, but good grief!

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So seeing as how this was written by a man and is about TWO men, the lotsa sexy times should be a foregone conclusion. But I was wrong there. That is not to say that there isn't a good amount of sexy times But the actual sex is reserved for one of the hottest, most beautifully romantic, hottest, sweetest, hottest, intense, and oh yeah, did I mention HOTTEST love scenes ever! It almost makes me wish Damon Suede would lower himself enough to write a hetero book, because I could totally use his kind of loving in some of my other romances!!!

The big difference that I noticed when it comes to the sex is how dirty it is But the amount of fluid and lack of fastidiousness and the utter raw, animal lust that is involved was staggering. This is sex at the most primal level, a need that goes beyond lust.

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Simply put: It. Although why can you not do that to a woman, Griff? No excuses, buddy I had a couple of issues with some things: mainly, don't excuse your homosexuality, Griff!

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So you didn't lust after your wife like you lust after Dante. She wanted rough, passionate sex and you didn't. That's not because you wanted to be gentle, that's because you're gay. Maybe that lesson was learned for him later in the book, idk. Another: pigeonholing all Republicans as gay bashing budget cutters is the same as any other stereotyping, so I wish that people would be careful with that.

Holy crap, does every married firefighter cheat in this book? Anniversary for the death of hundreds of your comrades? Go fuck a new girl!! Pick a hoochie, any hoochie!! Even the newly out setup for Suede's next book was cheating on his wife. I'm not one to forgive that slip up very easily, and despite Tommy's heartbreaking story, he's still a cheater. How can I get behind that? We'll see. So my apologies for this ridiculously long review I'm so glad that I finally took the plunge. Many thanks to those who encouraged me, even after my wishy-washiness.

Griff and Dante are such a memorable couple, and I'm anxiously awaiting more by this awesome author!! My favorite quote: No one deserves to be punished for loving with an open heart. View all 89 comments. Shelves: contemporary-romance , smuttastic , glbt , m-m , cover-lust-i-has-it.

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One of my GR friends has long been trying to convince me to try this so I told her to choose me a book and this is one she selected. I told my husband I was about to read a gay romance between two New York firefighters and he gave me a look of unmitigated horror. I asked him how he would feel if me and Angelina Jolie were to get naked and make out in front of him. He developed a misty-eyed faraway look — point made, I feel.

So, onto Griff and Dante — both firefighters in New York. We join them on the 10th anniversary of — firefighters drink for free on this night apparently. Turns out the most broken heart belongs to Griff who is harbouring a major league crush on Dante. How hard for Griff to hold Dante so dear in his heart but yet be unable to hold him in his arms. This day casts a lengthy shadow over their lives. Dante gets himself into financial difficulties but can make an easy buck by wanking on the web for a sleazy website called Hothead.

So they both go through the motions, ostensibly to make a fast buck, but they are both seriously getting off on it, just unable to give words to their growing feelings. Their first kiss was a real shocker for me. Could I find two men kissing erotic? Well, short answer. Hell Yeah!!

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They first lock lips in the firehouse and almost get caught but, holy hell is it ever hot!! They are in fact polar opposites. Griff is stoic, steady, thoughtful — Dante wears his heart on his sleeve, a jealous possessive Italian.